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Building Profitable Brands

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AKTIV was born out of our own need to build strong brands and marketing systems. Our clients then asked us to support them to create exciting and memorable brands and marketing services to help their business succeed online. We expanded into social media marketing, Virtual Assistant services and CRM automation to optimize revenues and marketing systems.

Attract, Engage, Retain

You need to impress your visitors within 5 seconds of landing. Impress, attract, engage and retain your customers and prospects.

Branding & Social Automation

From branding, graphics, video intro creation and corporate identity we build strong brands that last, while automating their social marketing and lead generation with SaaS.

We Do the Work for You

We take the headache out of design. Give us your brief, your target market and your solution, then we position you as the expert. In addition we give you software tools to automate lead generation, CRM marketing for Facebook.

Attract And Convert
More Customers

Establishing a strong brand with strategic user engagement is key to generating leads from your visitors. Your website needs to convert, not just attract. Then you need to manage and nurture your leads using our industry leading social CRM technology software.

Your Branding Defines Your Ability to Attract Business

Our talented team of visionary designers, branding specialists and marketing experts position you are as leaders in your field and help automate your CRM and outreach.

Contact Us for a Free Branding Strategy Call.

This is the FIRST Step to creating your online presence, build your funnels and serving more clients

Dedicated Support

The AKTIV team is dedicated to helping you solve your online presence. Each client has their own dedicated account manager to connect directly with our team.

Industries We Serve

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We're all working together, That's the secret.

Your site is a reflection of you. We take the pain away to get your brand and site up and live so you can concentrate on attracting your ideal clients and positioning yourself as an expert.

Your site and your brand is crucial if you want to grow, scale and succeed online. Regardless of your service, you need to drive traffic to your online real estate. Add value, attract leads and connect with your visitors.

Choose your theme

Different Styles and unlimited styles for every niche.

Choose your brand colours

Choose the brand colors that YOU want.

Share your Content

Give us your content that reflect your service.

Need Help?

Our expert copy writers can help create your content.


Make Your Brand Pop!

We ensure your site and brand is fast, modern. Speed is everything. You have less than 5 seconds to keep your visitors attention. We help make it count.


Facebook CRM & Automation

Probably our biggest breakthrough is our SaaS CRM for Facebook. Create groups, manage labels and send messages to groups based on their stats – leads, hot leads, customers and based on what they have purchased. 

Manage Leads in FB Messenger

Label, group, nurture and market to your groups to personalize your marketing, manage leads and increase sales professionally.

Expand Your Contacts

When you know your target market, it's easy to add friends and expand the number of prospects you can sell and market your services to.

Nurture Leads

Remember, to increase your client base, they must know, like and trust you. That starts with share high value content "CONSISTENTLY' which you can easily do through Facebook.

SEO Optimized

SEO Optimized

Driving traffic and leads to your Business.

We Love Our Work

We Love Our Work

It shows in our client results and Success.

Professional Team

SEO Optimized

Best of the best. More than just Design.

Funnel Builders

Funnel Builders

Funnels convert clients and increase sales.

FB CRM Automation

SaaS CRM for FB

This was a game changer for us, and will be for you.

Accept Payments

Accept Payments

Advice on carts and eCommerce.

Create something clients remember

The key is to not over complicate your site. We consult you on what you need. What creates impact. What engages your visitors so you can direct them to exactly where you want them to go.

Beauty is personal. You know your clients so well you know you need to create a unique website that reflects your brand.


Innovative, Strategic Marketers & Digital Experts

We ask and listen to our clients to find out their biggest pain points, frustrations and challenges when it comes to online marketing, branding and continuous traffic and lead generating systems. We take care of all for you.

Ignite Your Brand

First impressions are everything when it comes to conversions. Attractive, striking branding and relevant content is key to your success.

Expand Your Reach

We help our successful clients drive traffic to their site through engaging content, funnels, strategic call to actions and social media.

Monthly Support

We support our clients monthly so you can ask us to update pages, contents, add landing pages when ever you need to add, modify or edit your content.

Unmatched Design Expertise and Creativity

How We Stand Out From the Crowd

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Tailored digital solutions aligned with your business goals.

Innovative Designs

Innovative Designs

Visually stunning and functional designs that set your business apart.



Data-driven insights for measurable success.

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

High-quality services for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach

Involved in every step of the process.

Speedy Resolution

Speedy Resolution

Efficient and effective solutions to your issues.

Brand your Brand!

So we can help you Expand your Reach and Scale your Brand Online